Info: Customer FAQ

Searching for a Product or Service

To get started on your search, enter the name of the product or service. Select the distance range from the pulldown menu, and, enter your zipcode.

Alternatively, if you would like to 'window shop', then check out the category tree with links on the right hand side.

If you would prefer to browse by online map location, this feature will be available soon.

Purchasing a Product

This feature is not offered yet.

Questions on all sales should be referred to the store/vendor you purchased from, so make sure that contact information is available before your purchase. Consumers use this site at their own risk: RPI is hosting this site as a public service to locally-owned independent businesses, but it makes no guarantees about the accuracy of the information they provide or the safety of the products they sell.

Viewing a Product

Some products cannot be added to the shopping cart as they are not for online sale, but only for view. To purchase these products, please contact the vendor/store and make arrangements with them directly.

Flagging Vendors

If a vendor is offering verbal abuse on their store site, please flag them for the administrator to review.

Flagging Products

If a particular product is offensive, please flag it for the administrator to review.

Discussion Forum

This feature is not offered.

Rating Businesses and Products

This feature is not offered.