Info: Vendor FAQ

Vendor Registration

Registering as a vendor is as simple as giving your name, username, valid email address and zipcode.

The emphasis of this website is to give opportunity for inexpensive online advertising and sales to local businesses that are already established in the community. We define 'business' loosely -- if you are part of the local community, and you have a product or service to provide then you can register as a vendor.

This includes such things as "used DVDs" and "antique picture frames", OR, "wedding makeup", "mowing lawns", "furniture refinishing".

As for new businesses -- the burden of establishing your business in the community is on you. This is just another tool and probably not the one you should be concentrating on if you are a brand new business.

Listing Products and Services

By default, for liability issues, you will only able to list products 'for view' enabling foot traffic to your store. It is up to the admin of the website to enable online transactions. If online transactions are enabled, you will be also able to list products 'for sale' if you have a paypal account (please put in a link to the paypal webpage). Then online sale transactions will be enabled for your store similar to the use of such websites as Amazon Marketplace or Ebay. However, all product listings must be legal, or they will be removed by the site administrator when flagged.

We expect some nontraditional listings, for example, restaurants might list reservation time and date slots 'for view' or a certified nanny or masseuse might list their time and date availability. Yard sales are welcome, as well as book signings by local authors, and, local artist shows.

Enabling Business and Product Rating

This feature is not offered at this time.


If you need to contact the website administrator with a technical question, please click the Help button and provide a subject title, and description of the problem.