Info: Project

The Buy Local Open Source Rensselaer (BLOSR) project was started in Troy NY by Professor Ron Eglash (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), and graduate student Logan Williams (Rensselear). The project is funded by the Renssealer Center for Open Source.


Kyle Balogh (University of Colorado at Boulder) created most of the Drupal installation profile based on their vision. Vincent Vainius (Rensselear) worked on initial brainstorming and created the Buy Local logo. The project was hosted initially by Susan Remondi (Rensselear), Scott Sibberson (Rensselear) and Grace DiCinit (Rensselaer) moved it from hostgrown to


The decision was made to move away from Drupal towards a platform that allowed students to design the website for administration by a user who is completely unfamiliar with computer programming. Mike Pennisi (Rensselear) worked on initial brainstorming and created the new Buy Local logo and website layout. Aaron Ryden (Rensselaer) and Mike are working on developing the new site in PHP and mySQL.

The service being provided, that of secure online shopping, is not new. The unique vision behind this exciting open source offering, is that it is FREE and meant to be distributed. Chambers of commerce, or sustainable living business organizations now have a free tool to increase local business through the useof the internet. Using ideas that savvy internet surfers are already familiar with: user reviews, searchable inventory, map directions, etc., it offers consumers an opportunity to find a specific product…down the street. To implement this secure online shopping solution, an organization will require the hardware and software specified in the download instructions, as well as a website administrator.

For more information or to download, please go to the Google Code page.